Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Sleep Fairy

It all started one month ago.  We had our roof re-done and decided to spend the week at Grammie and Grandpa's house.  Parker was both in heaven during this time but simultaneously too excited to actually sleep.  This is when the sleep issues began...

Parker began waking up several times per night.  It sounded like this: "Mommmyyyyyy....mommmmmyyyy....mommmmmyyy......."
Finally, either Richard or I would get up to see what he needs, which usually entailed (1) some water; (2) to go potty; (3) to read a story; or (4) to sing a song.  No joke, this would happen 5-6 times per night.  Not to mention Hudson was getting up 2 times per night.

Desperate for a solution, I read a self-help book about getting your kids to sleep through the night (of course, it's directed at babies, not two and a half year olds).  Anyway, I came across this section saying that for older kids who start waking up in the middle of the night, you can try to incentivize them by saying the "Sleep Fairy" will come and bring them a treat if they sleep all night and don't get out of bed.

I thought this would be an outstanding idea.  Parker responds very favorably to bribery.  So one night, about two weeks ago, I told him ALL about the sleep fairy.  I told him she'll come down through the roof when he sleeps, and if he sleeps all night, she'll leave him a present.  She has pretty big wings and a wand.  I even bought a bunch of cars--I was that confident it would work. I was convinced I was Mom of the Year.

Well, that night, Parker screams.  He wakes up because he is scared of the Sleep Fairy.  He does not want the Sleep Fairy to come.  After some consoling, I tell him she won't come.  This goes on for awhile.  He doesn't believe me.

Two weeks later, I've long since disposed of the "Sleep Fairy" idea.  Oh, but Parker won't forget.  Every night, Richard and I have to repeat about a hundred times at bedtime "No Sleep Fairy, No Come Here."  It never ends.  Talk about your all-time backfires.  Perhaps I wont' be authoring a parenting book anytime soon.

Anyway, here are some recent pictures of the boys:



  1. A story you get to tell at his wedding someday... Too funny, or will be, as I wince in great sympathy, remembering the days.

  2. They are so cute⁄. sometime i will have to tell you about tooth fairy who once visited our house.