Friday, May 16, 2014

I'm back!!

It's been awhile since I've posted last.   The boys have continued to grow and keep Richard and me on our toes. Hudson is now walking (a lot) and Parker is in pre-school.   Here are some updates:

The Amazing Appetite of Hudson Hyde
In addition to walking and moving everywhere, one of my favorite things about Hudson is that he has a HUGE appetite. He might just have some "Sonne" in him after all:) He eats a ton. In fact, I have not found much he will not eat, including dirt, sand, and bathwater. I'm so proud.

But Hudson really loves sweets. The other day, we made some sugar cookies during Hudson's nap. When Hudson woke up, Richard gave Hudson a little "taste" of the cookies. That was enough to make him an addict. Yes, the first taste is the most deadly. For the next five minutes, he stood beneath the cookies, pointing and grunting at them. I had planned on having him eat a sandwich for lunch. He may or may not have had three sugar cookies instead.

Parker's Bedtime Stories
The latest addition to our bedtime routine is that I tell Parker a bedtime story. As it turns out, Parker is rather particular about the stories I tell.  He's actually quite the critic.  At the end of the story, he'll either say "Mommy, that was a good one," or "Mommy, I don't like that one."  Unfortunately, in my true competitive fashion, I've become a overly-concerned with Parker's "rating" of my stories.  When he tells me he didn't like it, I get pretty frustrated and insist on telling him another one that he'll like more.  (If he was really smart, he'd always tell me he didn't like my stories because then the stories would keep coming. Luckily he hasn't quite realized that.)

Over the past month or so, I've been able to formulate the recipe for Parker's preferred bedtime stories that typically earn his seal of approval.  For instance, if someone other than Parker has a large role in the story (even if they are not the main character), he does not like it.  One night I told Parker a spin-off on "Frozen" where his cousin Brooke, his best friend, had special powers to freeze things.  He didn't like that one, even though he saved the day as the ice-cutting man.  He does like any story where he goes in a submarine, or where it ends with everyone chatting "Par-ker, Par-ker, Par-ker" and lifting him on their shoulders.  And of course, he must be the hero. In fact, the fewer people, the better. 

Well, my computer is about to die.  I'll post some recent pictures and perhaps some more stories soon.  Thanks, and have a great weekend!!

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  1. Oh, I love it! Coming up next: How Parker Saved The Little Cookie Monster.

    (Or saved some for him.)