Friday, May 16, 2014

I'm back!!

It's been awhile since I've posted last.   The boys have continued to grow and keep Richard and me on our toes. Hudson is now walking (a lot) and Parker is in pre-school.   Here are some updates:

The Amazing Appetite of Hudson Hyde
In addition to walking and moving everywhere, one of my favorite things about Hudson is that he has a HUGE appetite. He might just have some "Sonne" in him after all:) He eats a ton. In fact, I have not found much he will not eat, including dirt, sand, and bathwater. I'm so proud.

But Hudson really loves sweets. The other day, we made some sugar cookies during Hudson's nap. When Hudson woke up, Richard gave Hudson a little "taste" of the cookies. That was enough to make him an addict. Yes, the first taste is the most deadly. For the next five minutes, he stood beneath the cookies, pointing and grunting at them. I had planned on having him eat a sandwich for lunch. He may or may not have had three sugar cookies instead.

Parker's Bedtime Stories
The latest addition to our bedtime routine is that I tell Parker a bedtime story. As it turns out, Parker is rather particular about the stories I tell.  He's actually quite the critic.  At the end of the story, he'll either say "Mommy, that was a good one," or "Mommy, I don't like that one."  Unfortunately, in my true competitive fashion, I've become a overly-concerned with Parker's "rating" of my stories.  When he tells me he didn't like it, I get pretty frustrated and insist on telling him another one that he'll like more.  (If he was really smart, he'd always tell me he didn't like my stories because then the stories would keep coming. Luckily he hasn't quite realized that.)

Over the past month or so, I've been able to formulate the recipe for Parker's preferred bedtime stories that typically earn his seal of approval.  For instance, if someone other than Parker has a large role in the story (even if they are not the main character), he does not like it.  One night I told Parker a spin-off on "Frozen" where his cousin Brooke, his best friend, had special powers to freeze things.  He didn't like that one, even though he saved the day as the ice-cutting man.  He does like any story where he goes in a submarine, or where it ends with everyone chatting "Par-ker, Par-ker, Par-ker" and lifting him on their shoulders.  And of course, he must be the hero. In fact, the fewer people, the better. 

Well, my computer is about to die.  I'll post some recent pictures and perhaps some more stories soon.  Thanks, and have a great weekend!!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Sleep Fairy

It all started one month ago.  We had our roof re-done and decided to spend the week at Grammie and Grandpa's house.  Parker was both in heaven during this time but simultaneously too excited to actually sleep.  This is when the sleep issues began...

Parker began waking up several times per night.  It sounded like this: "Mommmyyyyyy....mommmmmyyyy....mommmmmyyy......."
Finally, either Richard or I would get up to see what he needs, which usually entailed (1) some water; (2) to go potty; (3) to read a story; or (4) to sing a song.  No joke, this would happen 5-6 times per night.  Not to mention Hudson was getting up 2 times per night.

Desperate for a solution, I read a self-help book about getting your kids to sleep through the night (of course, it's directed at babies, not two and a half year olds).  Anyway, I came across this section saying that for older kids who start waking up in the middle of the night, you can try to incentivize them by saying the "Sleep Fairy" will come and bring them a treat if they sleep all night and don't get out of bed.

I thought this would be an outstanding idea.  Parker responds very favorably to bribery.  So one night, about two weeks ago, I told him ALL about the sleep fairy.  I told him she'll come down through the roof when he sleeps, and if he sleeps all night, she'll leave him a present.  She has pretty big wings and a wand.  I even bought a bunch of cars--I was that confident it would work. I was convinced I was Mom of the Year.

Well, that night, Parker screams.  He wakes up because he is scared of the Sleep Fairy.  He does not want the Sleep Fairy to come.  After some consoling, I tell him she won't come.  This goes on for awhile.  He doesn't believe me.

Two weeks later, I've long since disposed of the "Sleep Fairy" idea.  Oh, but Parker won't forget.  Every night, Richard and I have to repeat about a hundred times at bedtime "No Sleep Fairy, No Come Here."  It never ends.  Talk about your all-time backfires.  Perhaps I wont' be authoring a parenting book anytime soon.

Anyway, here are some recent pictures of the boys:


Monday, June 24, 2013

Just a Few of Parker's Favorite Things...

As mentioned in the previous posts, there are a few things Parker really loves.  First, he loves diggers.  Second, he loves videos of himself.  Third, he loves wearing his big-boy underwear--and only his underwear.  Fourth, he loves books, especially the all-time classic, "Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site." 

Parker also loves donuts, singing, and being silly.

Lately, we've been taking a lot more videos of Parker (mostly because I just discovered how to do it on my phone).  One of my favorites features him reciting some of the words from this book.  We've obviously read it a few hundred times.

Another favorite Parker video was made in celebration of our cousin Erin Henry's wedding last weekend to Tyler Kimmons.  Since we couldn't be there in person, Parker decided that he would sing a song for them.  Unfortunately, his repertoire is somewhat limited, as is his attention-span.  You will notice a few more of his favorite things in this video.  Believe it or not, this was one of his best takes.

In writing this post, I realize I'm a little short on updates about Hudson.  Here is what Hudson has been up to.  I promise I'll have more to report next time!!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Pee-Pee in the Potty

I'm a bit behind on updating the blog, particularly after giving everyone a sneak-peek into Parker's anticipated potty-training.  Well, it's been a week, and I'm happy to report that Parker now wears big-boy pants.  It's been quite a journey.

In starting the potty-training process (and in life generally), Richard and I decided that we wanted Parker to value our praises to him above any tangible prizes or treats. After all, our opinion should be all that matters to him, right?!?  We didn't want to have to bribe him endlessly for going to the bathroom.  Let's save bribery for the bigger ethical battles!

The first hurdle in potty-training was just getting his underwear on.  He hated them.  (Note: I did read a potty-training book, and kids usually like to wear cool-looking underwear...not Parker). He would kick and scream and lunge for his diapers.

After a cupcake, a popsicle, two stickers, and a racecar, we got the underpants on.

You can observe the racecar in his right hand. Parker wanted to show his underpants to the world, as our front door was wide open.  Our neighbors love us.

But after we got the underpants on, Parker was actually pretty darn good.  As long as he could get a prize from the "Jewel Box" everytime he went pee-pee in the potty, and as long as we sang and danced and gave him effusive praise, he loved going potty. Had you heard us, you would have thought he just won the superbowl or discovered nuclear fusion.

Parker's haul from Day 1 (excluding treats that were consumed immediately by him):

While Parker was mastering the potty, he decided that Brookey should do so as well. He peer-pressured her into wearing big-boy pants.

The rest is history.

*In the interest of historical accuracy, we never really believed the non-bribery route would work.

Happy Birthday Richard!

Yesterday we celebrated Richard's 29th Birthday.  Parker was very excited about the event, as demonstrated by his singing "Happy Birthday" to daddy ... all day long.  Here is a taste of one of his many renditions from yesterday (you'll have to turn the volume up, it's a little quiet):

We had a small dinner at Grammy and Grandpa's house, and Richard was thrilled about his presents--especially a new grill from my parents! Richard said he is officially a "man" now that he can barbeque steak outside.

 Not to be forgotten, poker-faced Hudson was thrilled, though showed his excitement on the inside:

Happy Birthday Richard!!!!

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Our family

I've decided it is time to start documenting some of our family events -- yes, we're taking the plunge and starting a Hyde family blog!!!!!!   But it might be better to stay I'm taking the plunge, since Richard is still on the fence about it.  In fact, after I told him my plan, Richard said he anticipates this blog will become the proverbial family dog: after a few days, I'll lose interest and he'll end up taking care of it and cleaning up its poop. That actually might not be so bad.  Besides, he never had a family dog.

But really, this will be a blog about the cuter and more interesting members of our family: Parker and Hudson.   Parker is almost two and a half years old, and is a handful.  Hudson is 6 weeks old, and from his short life so far, is definitely the tamer of the two. 

Here they are:



PARKER SCOTT HYDE:  Parker is a pretty funny little guy. He adores his cousin, Brooke Proctor, and often wants to bring extra snacks and toys for her (only to reconsider and take them back, usually trying to pull her hair in the process).

Age: 2 yrs, 5 months
Height: 3 ft.
Weight: Around 30 lbs
Favorite food(s): Hot dogs, pizza, cupcakes, chocolate milk (we're really good parents)
Biggest fears: Owls, and noisy jumpers
Favorite movie: Any home video featuring himself.
Three things he'd bring if stranded on a desert island: His giant orange excavator, his binky, and Uncle Matt.
Fsvorite book: "Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site"
Career ambition: Forklift Operator or lawn mower.

He loves the piano

Parker sporting his nice suit at Kiki's wedding

Too cool for school
HUDSON RICHARD HYDE: So far, Hudson is an awesome baby.  He's not very fussy, and sleeps a ton. He has huge feet (frog feet) and is growing fast.  Coming from a totally objective, non-biased, third party, he's pretty darling.

Age: 6 weeks
Height: 21-22 inches
Weight: Around 10 lbs
Favorite food(s): milk, although Parker thinks this will change when he tries out some chocolate milk.
Biggest fears: Parker, and waking up. 
Three things he'd bring if stranded on a desert island: His binky, blankie, and the mirror in his crib.
Favorite time of the day: When Parker is napping.
Favorite movie: Red Dawn (the original, not the re-make).

Well, I'm sure there is much more to say, but I'll save it for future posts. 

Next time on "You Can Run, But You Can't Hyde": Parker starts potty-training!! As a teaser, I put big-boy underwear on him this morning, he cried, started to pull them down, and fell on his head.